About the Owners

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and catching up on who your Plumbers behind the scene are. We appreciate that you're interested in whom you will be hiring! 


My name is Kyle Martin and I am co-owner of Patrick-Kyle Plumbing. My father and I started this company with the idea of changing the perception of who and what a plumber should be!


My father and our wives have decided to take what it means to treat customers like family to a new level.  Everyone's plumbing troubles should come with ease of burden and every plumbing venture should be planned well and executed properly. 


Based out of Southern California, we aim to offer what we've deemed the new style every plumber should be. We aim to end the era of incompetency from your plumber and animosity towards him. Give us a call and step into what it should feel like to have to call a plumber. 





"Be sure you put your feet in the right place. Then, stand firm."

Abraham Lincoln​